Lyrebird Atelier was founded in 2019. The company was born from a desire to create beautiful easy garments for all women to wear anywhere, anytime.



We value everyone who works with us. All of our Kaftans are handmade in London with locally sourced fabrics by companies who, where possible, are eco conscious. In order to maintain the high quality of our garments, we never order our fabrics in bulk. Each piece is carefully and individually crafted by hand and are all one of a kind. Furthermore, to ensure the smallest amount of waste possible, we use our remaining fabrics for trims and belts for our Kaftans. 



Andrea Previ is a Fashion Designer born in Milan. After completing his degree at Central St Martins College in London he worked at designer labels in Paris, New York and  finally London where he settled and established his own brand in 2005. A chance meeting with a world renowned British-African Soul Singer in 2008 gave Andrea the opportunity to apply his talent for converting a thought into a drawing into a physical presence in the vibrant and challenging environment of international commercial music. During this journey Andrea has collaborated with some of the world's most creative artists and musical video directors. Andrea's varied experience means he creates women's fashion which in some elements transcends social norms and expectations while at the same time being timeless and wearable.


This is Lyrebird Atelier.